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The reason why we created EGDE

The development of digital technology in Indonesia which is increasingly rapidly making companies must be ready to follow developments that occur not only in technology but in human resources. The increasingly sophisticated technology must be balanced with the readiness of its human resources. Therefore, college graduates are required to have the skills required by today's companies. But in reality many college graduates do not have the readiness to go directly into the world of work.

Because what is learned during college has a difference with field practice when in the world of work. Therefore, the Open University finally created a certification training program to prepare students to be ready and able to become college graduates who have the skills needed by most companies today, especially in the field of digital technology. This certification training program makes students a digital generation that is capable and superior in the field they are engaged in.

The Enhance Digital Generation to Excel (EDGE) program is one of the certification training programs owned by the Open University. This program is held online and is open to students and the general public wherever they are, this program aims to increase knowledge and skills about the material covered in the course. It is hoped that this program will be useful for participants in supporting their work, gaining experience or enriching their knowledge and can add to the participant's portfolio to be better and can be ogled by the company.

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